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We Need Volunteers


We need your vote. We need your support. And we need your help:

If you BELIEVE that the ideals of our forefathers are still more important than partisan bickering.

If you BELIEVE that people are more important than the special interests.

If you BELIEVE that we can still choose our representatives from among the people because we, the people, deserve to have a representative that truly is FOR the people.


Pitch in and help!

We need people who can help us distribute information, knock on doors, stuff envelopes, make phone calls, or do any of the essential jobs that must be done. Simply fill out the Volunteer Form on the right. We need to know your name and how we can reach you. It would also be helpful if you could tell us a little about yourself. Do you have any specific skills or talents that could be applied to a political campaign? Are you comfortable talking to people or would you prefer to work more behind the scenes? Are you simply tired of partisan fighting and want to work for change?


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